3 Tips To Glamorise Your Bar On A Budget this Winter

Posted on December 14, 2018.
Tips To Glamorise Your Bar On A Budget this Winter

As the mid winter approaches, so does the allure of a refreshing beverage. It is the perfect time for bars to begin preparing and sprucing up their premises with the cold damp weather, Christmas holiday break and early evenings just around the corner. You don’t need to have an expensive major refurbishment; a few affordable touch-ups here and there can ensure your bar is the place everyone wants to be on those long cold nights. Here are three that are worth considering as you anticipate one of the year’s busiest season.

Ensure the place is clean

It is simple advice that bar owners should already, quite frankly, have at the forefront of their mind. Dingy dive bars have their appeal but they are certainly not the place patrons want to be during the winter months. They generally want to be somewhere cosy, bright and, most importantly, clean. They might be coming with their family on a late afternoon, don’t forget, or on a date evening. Stock up on those all-important bar and hotel supplies and keep the place fresh. Giving the tables, washrooms and the bar itself a clean can make all the difference.

Keep your customers active

A successful bar is one that manages to keep its customers. Instead of letting them bar hop to another place down the road, make sure there is plenty to keep them entertained when they arrive. As well as stocking up on the aforementioned bar supplies, order a few games and leave them out for your patrons to play. Quiz based challenges, competitive board games and a few decks are always popular choices at bars. It keeps them active and passes the time quicker. Your patrons might just settle in for the night once they get involved.

Treat your patrons

A bar is no different from any other business. If you make your customers feel welcome and valued, you might turn them into regulars. There are many aspects to keep in mind if you want to treat your patrons well. Your staff should be friendly and accommodating, your setting should be comfortable and the atmosphere should be inviting. However, a nice touch that doesn’t cost too much is offering free snacks to your customers. Bring them a bowl of nuts or crisps if you notice they have been there for a while, for example. Buy some popular bar treats in bulk and hand them out when possible. Not only will they probably stay a little longer to finish off the snacks (and get another round of drinks, which should more than make up the cost of the snacks); there is a good chance they will come back again next time they are in the area.

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