Cleaning with Microfibre Towels

Posted on December 4, 2019.

What are microfibre cloths?

Microfibre cloths are defined as fibres 1 denier or less, or for perspective 1/100 diameter of human hair!

Microfibre cloths tend to be made from polyester, but may be made from nylon or other polyamides. Although synthetic materials, it isn’t all bad for the environment. No pesticides are required (unlike growing cotton for example), and unlike cotton no water is required in the dyeing process. 

Microfibre cloths are super absorbent, holding upto 7 times their weight in liquids, meaning they’re great for multi purpose cleaning. Splitweave microfibre (where the fibres are split during production) have greater surface area and therefore more absorbency.

Some microfibre cloths are lint free, depending upon how they are woven (flatweave), and these are particularly good for cleaning mirrors, glass and smoother surfaces. And because the fibres are so tiny, they are non abrasive too. 


The Benefits of Microfibre

The tiny fibres are great for picking up dust, dirt and even bacteria from the hardest of places, and there is such a range of microfibre cloths available that you will be sure to find one that suits your specific cleaning needs. 

No cleaning cupboard will be complete without one!

Because they are so versatile and long lasting, microfibre cloths may also help you save money over time. You may even find you need to use smaller amounts of cleaning product with a microfibre cloth, again helping reduce costs.

Microfibre cloths can easily be washed and even tumble dried (don’t use fabric conditioner though, it reduces absorbency), so they can be used time and time again.

Microfibre is used in such a wide range of products these days, and particularly with regard to cleaning because of the absorbent and versatile nature of them.


What Can I Clean with Microfibre?

  • Dusting – You can use a dry or damp microfibre cloth to dust any surfaces. We recommend using a combination of damp then dry microfibre cloth for the best results. 
  • Stainless Steel/Chrome – a great advantage of microfibre here is that you may not even require a stainless steel cleaner to get a shiny, streak free finish! Just use first a damp cloth to clean and wipe the greasy marks, followed by a dry one to give it shine.
  • Mirrors and Glass – similarly to stainless steel, you may even avoid cleaning products on windows if you use a microfibre cloth instead. Damp then dry cloth – streak free appearance perfected! As we said earlier, flatwoven microfibre may bring out the best finish for surfaces like glass. 
  • Floors – many mops are produced with removable microfibre pads, such as those with a reservoir within the handle unit to dispense floor cleaner/water directly onto the floor. Combining this with a microfibre mop head means no need for an old-fashioned mop and bucket – just wash the mop pad after each use! These really do save time, a personal favourite. 
  • Cabinets and worktops – because of their grease and bacteria removing quality, microfibre cleaning cloths are great for cleaning kitchen surfaces. In a workplace environment, get colour coded cloths to prevent cross-contamination such as red for the kitchen. 
  • Baths and showers – great for picking up soapy residue after cleaning the bathroom, and also bringing out a stream free shine to chrome shower and sink fittings, a microfibre cloth is a must have for any bathroom – just use it dry after doing your cleaning.
  • Electronics – microfibre cloths are great for cleaning the screens of laptops and phones without causing damage. Therefore a useful addition in an office dominated by electronic equipment. 

There is pretty much nothing that a microfibre cleaning cloth can’t be used for! From almost all cleaning jobs inside, to fantastic car cleaning and drying cloths outside, microfibre can and will transform the way we clean. 

In a commercial space, be sure to buy in bulk to be cost-efficient and also keep a handy supply in the store cupboard.  Here at Loorolls, we pride ourselves to being a leading stockist of janitorial & cleaning products, feel free to browse our range of products online or call us on 0151 342 2111 to create a trade account and enjoy bulk discounts. 


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