Astonish Delicate Non Bio Laundry Liquid (21w) 840ml

Peony & Magnolia

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Astonish Delicate Non Bio Laundry Liquid (21w) 840ml Peony & Magnolia, with fabric softener built in to leave clothes not only clean but feeling soft and gentle next to your skin. Dermatologically tested & non bio. Super concentrate with 21 washes per pack

The delicate one. Our 2 in 1 laundry liquid with added fabric conditioner will leave your clothes brilliantly clean and soft next to skin. Whilst the delicate fragrance of Peony & Magnolia will take your senses on a journey.  Almost makes doing the laundry enjoyable.

Directions for use:
Dose the product into your washing machine drawer using the cap provided. Alternatively dose the product directly into the washing machine drum using a dosing ball or device.

For machine washing and standard loads; Light/medium soil Heavy soil/dirty loads
Soft/medium water hardness 40ml 60ml
Hard water 40ml 60ml

Fill the inner cap reservoir completely for a 40ml dosage. For larger machines or larger loads (6-8 kg) use a 60ml dosage per wash. For hand washing dilute 40ml of product in 10 litres of warm water before washing garments. 21 standard washes based on a standard machine load and light/medium soil loading.

Always refer to garment care labels before washing. Wash dark and light garments separately. Do not wash flame resistant fabrics at above 50 degrees Celsius.