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Bliss Triple Quilted Toilet Rolls – 3ply White – 40 Pack

Luxury 3ply Toilet Rolls, 160 sheets per roll




Bliss Triple Quilted Toilet Rolls 3ply white are’s most popular and featured 3ply Toilet Roll! 1 Pack of Bliss Triple Quilted 3ply Toilet Rolls. Each Pack contains 10 x 4 Pack Rolls Luxury Quilted, Laminated (Glue Embossed). If 3ply is a little too much for you then why not try our Desna Lillie Toilet Rolls which offer 40 rolls but is a 2ply glue embossed tissue.

Our 3ply toilet rolls are perfect for hotels, offices, and most popular for your home. Our best deal if you have storage space is to bulk buy our Bliss Triple Quilted Toilet Rolls is our Pallet deal with 54 cases. If you’re a little stuck for space then we offer a great ready made parcel deal with 4 cases of 40 rolls, thats 160 toilet rolls per order.


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