Handwashing – the most important thing you can do to prevent the spread of viruses

Recent months have seen the alarming emergence of a new virus affecting people around the […]

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Couch Roll Hygiene Rolls Blue - 20 inch - Box 12

Do You Need Couch Roll?

Couch rolls as they are traditionally known, are now often termed ‘hygiene rolls’. They are […]

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Paper hand towel dispensers

The Benefit of Paper Hand Towels for Drying Your Hands

Hand hygiene in the workplace is of major importance, not only in the obvious places […]

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Tackling Germ Hotspots in the Office-Loorolls-com

Tackling Germ Hotspots in the Office & Workplace

We’re in the depths of winter, and flu season is in full swing. Although the […]

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Best Ways To Remove Unpleasant Lingering Odours in office

Best Ways To Remove Unpleasant Lingering Odours

Removing Unpleasant Lingering Odours Just like in the home, the workplace can become victim to […]

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Keeping Drains in Tip-Top Condition

Tips for Unblocking Drains Got a blocked drain? Drains can become blocked in commercial kitchen […]

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Cleaning with Microfibre Towels

What are microfibre cloths? Microfibre cloths are defined as fibres 1 denier or less, or […]

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The Office Christmas Party on a Shoestring

It’s that time of year again! As December approaches, many teams of work colleagues will […]

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Providing refreshments in the workplace – is it a must?

Refreshments in the workplace As an employer, do you know what you are required to […]

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Keeping Office carpets in Tip Top Condition: Carpet Cleaning Secrets

Carpet Cleaning Secrets As we move into winter and the onset of wetter, colder weather, […]

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