Winter in the Workplace

Winter safety in the workplace Summer is drawing to a close. The schools have reopened […]

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Katrin Classic 800sheet Ecofriendly from recyled fibre toilet roll

How to Choose the Best Toilet Roll

Loo paper is anything but a ‘bog standard’ product! There are so many toilet roll […]

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Paper Hand Towels – What is there to Know?

Well, if you’re a business looking to install a paper hand towel dispenser in your […]

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Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

Every now and again, whether it be at home or at the office, the kitchen […]

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Why buying bulk saves your business money?

When we say buying in bulk could save you money, we really do mean it! […]

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Summer Party at the Office?

Now we know that most of us have an office Christmas party. But how many […]

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Straws: Why Should We Switch to Paper Straws?

Paper Straws Paper straws are fast replacing plastic ones in bars and restaurants up and […]

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The Big Spring Clean-Loorolls

The Big Spring Clean

It’s mid-spring and the washing can now be hung on the line! Now is the […]

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Spring Cleaning Tips 2019 from Loorolls

Spring cleaning / Deep cleaning my house doesn’t even cross my mind ever until the […]

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Why-Households-Should-Be-Buying-Loo-Rolls-In-Bulk-Loorolls-com Loo rolls in bulk

Why Households Should Be Buying Loo Rolls In Bulk

Loo Rolls in Bulk Have you ever considered buying Toilet rolls / Loo rolls in […]

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