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Posted on October 26, 2018.
Toilet rolls 320 Sheet - 2ply White - 36 Pack Desna Eco

Here at Loorolls.com, we always pride ourselves on being one of the leading bulk toilet roll suppliers in the United Kingdom. We work very closely with large businesses and organisations that run extensive office blocks to deliver top-level supplies of toilet rolls for bulk usage. Here, we will delve into further detail.

Bulk Buy for Your Washrooms

To begin with, and we understand that it can be a funny subject to discuss, but offices and workforces will always require toilet rolls for the washrooms. Anywhere that has a restroom, from a shopping centre to a bar to a beauty salon, will require toilet rolls. That being said, you will want to ensure that the toilet rolls you have on hand will be of a high quality in terms of material and longevity. Loo rolls that cause itching or which are paper-thin, as well as those which (in the case of wiping up wet stains on the floor) do not absorb liquids very well, are of no real use to a customer. This is why we ensure that all toilet rolls that we supply are suitably thick, absorbent and soft, allowing for the smoothest and cleanest experience possible. So, everybody needs loo rolls, but they still need the rolls themselves to be high-quality.

The Importance of having Bulk Supplies

Now let’s discuss the important of having bulk supplies. If you happen to have a large workforce within your team, then you could find that a handful of loo rolls do not last very long. What’s more, there is no accounting for how people use their toilet rolls; some people use minimal paper, while some people can use a full roll at a time. Don’t forget, too, that for obvious reasons, you will need an equal amount of rolls for both genders covering all bathrooms, and that bathrooms can have multiple cubicles. Add to that the possibility of there being several restrooms within the building, and it’s easy to see why you would need bulk supplies for one day alone, never mind weeks and months on end. Buying in great bulk resolves any potential issues with loo rolls running out, and it can ensure that you will only need to make such a purchase on a couple of occasions every year, rather than every month or every few weeks.

Options when it comes to Buying Toilet Rolls

We currently have a multitude of options when it comes to buying toilet rolls. The choices include Economy 200-sheet 2-ply loo rolls, with there being 80 cases per pallet; Desna material 320-sheet 2-ply loo rolls, with 60 cases per pallet; and Desna material 320-sheet 3-ply loo rolls, with 54 cases per pallet (the latter option focuses on thickness and comfort).  You will be able to identify which bulk deal is best for you, and within these packages are additional options to make real savings, ensuring that you receive sufficient and smooth toilet rolls to cover all restrooms while reducing your overall costs. All of this ensures that we are the best and most fairly-priced supplier of bulk loo rolls, and we look forward to helping you and your workforce when it comes to toilet rolls.

Find out more about bulk toilet roll supplies by browsing our products here www.loorolls.com.


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