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C Fold Paper Hand Towels 2ply – White

2295 Towels Per Box, Recycled tissue

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C Fold Paper Hand Towels are ideal for drying your hands. Even though this is Recycled tissue it still remains Loorolls most popular 2ply Paper Hand Towel. Our C Fold 2ply micro embossed paper hand towels are packed in 2295’s. We have dispensers to suit all our Paper hand towels including C Fold, Z Fold and I Fold. Towel size = 23cm x 30.5cm open and 23cm x 9.3cm folded. Recycled tissue. If your looking for a Pure, Virgine tissue then try our Carma C Fold 2ply White.

If you’re interested in a cost saving then you should try our Interfold paper hand towels. We have 2 options but the most popular would be our Dissolvetech V Fold 2ply white with a light blue ziz zag patttern embossed into the towel making it look really posh! This towel opffers better savings for many reasons, one of which it is a single folded towel which means that when you take a towel form your wall mounted dispenser it opens up to a full square utilising the complete towel. With C Fold paper towels you always have to manually open up individual towels. Using open towels like our V Fold means u will use less towels per hand dry. We gaurantee that if you check out your waste bin after a day of people using C fold towels you will find the majority of towels have not been opened out.

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