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Chafing Fuel 6 hour 24’s

24 tins of 6 hour Chafing Fuel.

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For bar, restaurant and hotel use for dining tables and chafing dishes, our Chafing Fuel 6 hour 24’s offers a great value products to light up your tables. Our adjustable heat Liquid Chafing Fuel comes in boxes of 24 and has 3 heat settings, Low heat, High Heat and standard factory standard heat.

Harmfull if swallowed – Contains Diethylene Glycol. If swallowed; drink water or milk and call a physician. Keep away from children & recap when not in use!

We also have chafing dishes to suit our fuel, see related products to the right of your page!

Odourless while it burns! No alcohol smell at your buffet. It’s safer! Non alcohol based fuel (diethylene glycol) in a sealed container. Adjustable wick! For just the right heat. From simmer to sizzle.
Cans stay cool, even after hours of use. Always easy to handle. The fuel will not evaporate. No need to fumble with recapping. Burns hours longer, reducing the need to change the fuel in the middle of the buffet.

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