How To Get Cleaning Essentials Your School Needs

Posted on December 28, 2018.

Cleaning Essentials Your School Needs

Public sector cuts are hitting the educational system hard. It has gotten so severe over the last few years that basic necessaries one would expect in every classroom are diminishing. We have heard stories recently, for example, of schools that are required to double-back paper because their budget does not allow for A4 sheets.

One of the other main ways that schools are being hit are in scaling back on essential cleaning products like kitchen rolls and toilet rolls. Some places cannot even afford their own janitor anymore meaning the cleaning work has to be done by other members of staff. The national press recently reported how one London classroom was cleaning up after itself every day because it could no longer afford a janitor at the school.

In schools, colleges and educational facilities that are struggling to find the money for these items, teachers are often taking it upon themselves to buy janitorial cleaning supplies. However, this can be somewhat expensive for teachers on a basic salary, as well as time-consuming considering how much work they already have in their busy schedules.

An effective method of mitigating the cost is to buy supplies like kitchen rolls and loo rolls in bulk. The more you buy, the less the cost. If you know these are supplies you will need all year round, it might be a smart idea to invest in a 12-month supply of them early to save money in the long run. A group of teachers in the same position might even wish to pool together to invest in supplies as buying together will save money compared to individually.

As far as saving time goes, it is also worth remembering that most janitorial cleaning supplies are available online. They can be purchased from the comfort of your home, the train or even classroom desk, and the items will be speedily delivered to your place of employment. This ensures that you do not unnecessarily cut into other important teaching duties such as marking and planning.

At a time when teachers are needing to do more than simply teach and are, in many ways, responsible for the entire maintenance of their classrooms, knowing how and where to get the best janitorial cleaning products to keep their space tidy is essential. It can make a hard job just that little bit easier.

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