Care Quality Commission recenlty published an article on their website about the regarding the requirements of day to day cleaning of Healthcare services. It is your resposibility to ensure that your establishment will be able to comply with the CQC’s ongoing monitoring system. To help your foundation we are proposing that the accompanying things are incorporated in determinations where appropriate. DAILY: - Disinfect all door handles and push plates - Wipe down and disinfect all work surfaces and sinks in treatment rooms - Wipe clean and disinfect work tops of reception desk's & counters - Wipe clean and disinfect the surface of couches and replace the Hygiene Paper Rolls - Wipe clean and disinfect all handrails and banisters - Wipe clean and disinfect hard surface type waiting room furniture and spray disinfect soft furniture coverings - Wipe clean and disinfect all ancillary equipment in waiting areas (blood pressure checkers, height machines etc) - TV / Patient monitors dust and clean screens.
WEEKLY: - Wipe clean and disinfect all couch frames in treatment rooms - (You may want us to replace privacy curtains if you use disposable ones) MONTHLY: - Wipe clean and disinfect the high level frame of privacy screens.