Do You Need Couch Roll?

Posted on February 27, 2020.
Couch Roll Hygiene Rolls Blue - 20 inch - Box 12
Couch rolls as they are traditionally known, are now often termed ‘hygiene rolls’. They are disposable paper towel rolls in 10” or 20” widths and used frequently in the healthcare and beauty industries. They can be dispensed from couch roll holders, usually fixed at the head of the couch, and are useful in the prevention of cross contamination in these settings where infection control is paramount.

Although termed ‘couch rolls’, traditionally used for laying over examination couches, hygiene roll is utilised for wiping surfaces too; it can be wet and used for wiping down the couch after use, for example with an antibacterial spray. Therefore it is a versatile and useful product.

Most often used in medical and other care settings, couch roll is now seen widespread across the beauty salon industry and other settings such as sports and massage centres.
Couch rolls provide a layer between patient and couch and because they are disposable, once finished with, any germs and bodily fluids are disposed of too. This minimises the spread of pathogens and helps maintain a hygienic setting.

They are also an effective time saving solution compared to the alternatives such as using towels, and a relatively cost effective solution to help maintain a clean, professional setting.


Does Your Workplace Require Couch Roll?

In medical and care establishments, couch roll can be quickly and easily rolled over an examination couch to provide an extra level of hygiene and maintain professionalism in the setting. Couch rolls are seen in hospitals, GP surgeries, sports and physio centres among others.

Reliquip Treatment Rest Couch

If you run a beauty salon business, couch roll can help protect your treatment beds from marks and stains from makeup & beauty treatments, as well as their role in maintaining hygiene.

Choosing Your Couch Roll

Couch rolls are generally made from heavy paper, usually in 1 or 2 ply thickness, and made so it doesn’t rip easily when wet.
The rolls are perforated along their length meaning they can be ripped off after each patient/client. A good couch roll will have strong perforations so they don’t rip too easily when someone lies on it.

Couch rolls are generally made from virgin paper for strength – but can be recycled. Compared to using towels for example, you could be reducing your environmental impact by saving on excessive laundering.
Recycled paper couch rolls are also available, to maximise eco-friendliness.

Hygiene Couch Rolls Blue - 10 inch - Box 24

Our hygiene rolls are made from virgin tissue which is glue embossed for extra strength. We also sell an extra thick 3-ply blue couch roll if an even more durable product is required.
We sell couch rolls in widths of 10 or 20 inches, in boxes of 12 or 24 rolls. Bulk buys are available – pallets of 36 boxes mean you can make great savings when you buy more.

Here at Loorolls, we pride ourselves on being a leading stockist of disposable paper products including couch rolls & toilet supplies and a supplier of janitorial & cleaning products nationwide. You can open a trade account online to enjoy bulk discounts or call us on 0151 342 2111 for a bigger discount on your first order.

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