Guide to the Best Paper Hand Towels and Paper Towel Holders

Posted on March 9, 2019.

Paper Towel Holders?

Paper hand towels are one of the most valuable commodities of modern life but highly underappreciated. That should change for the simple reason that they help with many menial tasks from kitchen cleaning to car washing to personal hygiene to baby care.

Anyway, what makes paper towels good for these tasks? Paper towels are made from pulped wood and are designed to be absorbent, durable, and disposable. At, we do consider everyone’s needs and if you browse our stock you will realise we have products that are eco-friendly, strong and affordable.  In our stock you can pick towels based on size, feel, cost, and more.

In this article we will start by discussing the most common paper hand towel holders for domestic use but also reference holders ideal for commercial dispensing.

Types of Paper Hand Towel Holders in the market:

I know it seems odd to be excited about a paper towel rack, but when you spend most of the time in the kitchen you want to get the best looking accessories to fit the surfaces you work on especially if you spent a fortune creating an amazing space to entertain. Anyway, for the purpose of this article lets crack on. A lot of people especially those I know i.e. my friends and acquittances, we don’t give our paper towel holders enough thought considering that we use them daily. As most people might think, you don’t need anything fancy. Well say that to someone living in a half decent house.

Types of Paper Hand Towel Holders:

  1. Horizontal paper towel holder
  2. Wall-mounted paper towel holder
  3. Free standing paper towel holder
  4. Under Shelf Roll Holder

Lets discuss the above types of Paper Hand Towel Holders, highlighting why each of them would be great to have: –

#1. Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder

One of the positive about a wall mount kitchen roll holder is, it helps free up countertop space by mounting horizontally or vertically to a wall or cupboard. This is good for tiny spaces like camper vans and kitchens with small working spaces.

#2. Free standing vertical Paper Towel Holder

I like simple things functional accessories and for that reason, I use this in my house. You can go fancy with the make but I like that most have a weighted base that keeps the holder steady and you don’t need brain cells to work out how to load and use it.

#3. Horizontal Paper Towel Holder & Under Shelf Roll Holder

There are many places you can put this product so its all up to your imagination i.e. they can be mount on the wall or hang over a cabinet or drawer etc. I saw these paper towel holders whilst I was visiting a friend and the great thing was it simply slides over the top of any conventionally-sized cabinet door or drawer and fits any sized paper towel roll. The holder is backed with a padded foam material designed to guard your surfaces from scrapes and scratches in case it slides around when you open the cabinets.

Best-Paper-Hand-Towels-and-Paper-Towel-Holders-Loorolls-com paper towel holders

Paper Hand towels V Hand Dryers

An argument that will never be settled. Manufactureres of Hand Dryers will always push the benefits of Automatic Hand Driers. While Paper hand towel manufacturers will always advocate the benefits of Disposable paper towels. We found an interesting read at Paper Hand Towels and Paper Towel Holders online that you can read to decide for yourself?


Summary of what makes a Good Paper roll holder

A good paper towel holder should be secure enough to prevent these two scenarios:

  • The entire thing collapses because the holder is too lightweight when you go to pull a paper towel off the roll with one hand, and
  • Unraveling half of the roll because you can’t get a close enough grip.

You can find out more about the above products by going to this link:

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