How Janitorial Office Supplies Can Improve Productivity and Wellbeing

Posted on July 23, 2018.
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Germs can quickly spread throughout a work place. With lots of people congregated in the same area, all of who share supplies and equipment, bacteria is rapidly passed around an office. Studies have found that desk phones, keyboards and worktops are hotbeds of germs. Dirt, hair and crumbs can easily get stuck to these items, which are shared around as you touch mugs in the kitchen or place your hand on door handles. In fact, because so many bacteria are passed around these workspaces, it is commonly thought to be safer to eat your lunch off a toilet seat than off your desk. This is why it is so important for business owners to have janitorial cleaning supplies.

A clean office can reduce staff shortages

Janitorial cleaning supplies may not seem important to business owners. Does it really matter if you have a clean office for your workers? Is that really a responsibility for you as a boss, especially if you have so many other priorities? However, there can be a number of physical and psychological effects related to office cleanliness. If the workplace is dirty, your staff members are more likely to come down with illnesses that prevent them from coming into work. It can also harm office productivity, satisfaction and the quality of work from your employees.
Every year, UK businesses lose a total of £11.7 billion due to staff taking sick leave. Of course, not all of that is related to bugs caught in the workplace. There are many other reasons an employee will need to take a day off sick. However, there are over 20,000 bacteria on your average office desk and almost 40 per cent of people going into work even when they are ill. Therefore, we can be sure that those illnesses would be significantly reduced if your staff were entering a cleanly environment every day. For this reason, essential supplies like centrefeed wiping rolls or even antibacterial surface wipes could be the least any employer should stock to keep work surfaces clean. Great offer on centrefeed rolls can be found here with low starting from as little as £9.50.

Productivity and work quality improves in a clean environment

It is not only physical problems that a decent supply and regular application of janitorial cleaning products can solve. Staples Advantage Canada ran a survey in 2013 asking employees about their productivity in a clean workplace. Almost all of them (94 per cent) said that productivity improves in an organised and healthy environment. Furthermore, they found that 77 per cent of workers produced better work under these same conditions.

Janitorial cleaning products that remove the germs from office supplies we touch every day can help prevent unnecessary losses due to staff shortage. It doesn’t have to be a costly or time-consuming procedure. Simply encouraging each employee to spend 10 minutes every week tidying their workspace will greatly reduce germs in an office.
After all, given how it reduces staff shortages and improves the quality of work, a clean business is not only saving you money but helping you make it as well.

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