How To Care & Maintain Garden Furniture

Posted on July 9, 2020.

Garden Furniture Guide: Maintaining garden seats and tables

All garden furniture will benefit from some maintenance since they are vulnerable to weather, rust, ageing, and dirt, therefore, you need to care for and maintain it to ensure its longevity and keep it in mint condition. However, even after treating your prized garden furniture we recommend that during the harsh winter months they are kept under cover.


When to care for garden furniture

The best time to maintain your furniture is in dry weather and this is why you will see a lot of people start painting their fence or furniture at the end of summer to allow it to survive better in the colder months. Whether your furniture is made from wood(soft and hard), metal, or plastic, this guide will tell you the basics of garden furniture maintenance so that you can enjoy it for many years.


How to care for garden furniture from weather elements

Lets face it, UK weather is a strong talking point and rightly so for anything that spends most of the time outdoors. If there is one thing about the British weather its the unpredictability it throws at us regarding the weather forecast. So, how do we care for our outdoor furniture?



Sun & summer weather

British sun can be enjoyed between the months of April all through to October if you are lucky. However, the peak of our summer is July and August and this is when your garden furniture tend to be use the most and as a result, the effects can be noticeable on furniture thereafter. If you have wooden furniture, it gets dried out and water in the interior structure gets drained making the wood to begin to split and when dirt gets in those cracks your furniture will never look the same. Treating wood with oil is the best option as it offers that extra layer of protection which also helps reduce the effect of sun bleaching. Have a look at wax and furniture polish products too.



  • To protect against rain, you need to nourish your furniture and give it a protective coating which makes it impervious. Meaning, it keeps your furniture waterproof and thus protect against rain. A good way of making this possible is by painting, staining, oiling or varnishing mainly to wooden furniture.
  • Items made out of metal will require some more specialist care to avoid rust and you could try using stainless steel cleaner and polishers that will help seal up any damage caused by wear and tear of rain water.
  • Finally, get some heavy duty waterproof garden furniture covers to keep rain off your garden set and will provide you peace of mind during those rainy days.


Ice & winter weather

Winter can be quite temperate in the UK  and therefore, it is always best if you can put patio furniture sets in the garage or shed for winter. Placing it in a protected part of your garden for the winter is an alternative if you don’t have room in the shed or garage. If you don’t have a place to store them, then you must at least cover it. Just remember to make sure that your furniture is dry before you cover it. Also, if you are dealing with wooden furniture, keeping it well-nourished and sealed against moisture whilst allowing the wood to breathe will increase its longevity.


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