Lucart Professional Hygiene Products

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Lucart Professional is a prominent brand within the Group, known for its advanced and sustainable hygiene solutions aimed at the Away From Home market. Founded in 1953 and headquartered in Italy, this is a company that has grown to become a leading European producer of tissue and airlaid paper products. The company operates in 66 countries, with over 1,300 employees and seven production sites across six countries​ (Lucart Professional)​​ (LUCART GROUP)​​ (DHYS Group)​.

Lucart Professional offers a wide range of products, including wipers, hand towels, toilet papers, and medical sheets, along with innovative dispensing systems. Their product lines are designed to meet the needs of various professional environments, ensuring both efficiency and sustainability​ (LUCART GROUP)​.

Lucart Single Sheet Centrefeed Toilet Roll Dispensers, L-One.

At we have introduced the amazing, single sheet centrefeed toilet roll system called L-One. L-One toilet roll systems are designed to provide huge cost in use savings and hygienic solutions for all end users. Our systems are part of Lucart’s broader range of innovative dispensing solutions aimed at improving hygiene and reducing waste.

With a key focus on sustainability. The company emphasizes the use of recycled materials and has developed products like EcoNatural, which recycles beverage cartons into high-quality paper products. This initiative is part of their broader commitment to the circular economy and reducing environmental impact​ (Lucart Professional)​​ (DHYS Group)​.

In addition to their product innovations, Lucart Professional has received various awards and certifications for their sustainability efforts. For example, their EcoNatural products have achieved Climate Neutrality, and the company has been recognized for its contributions to sustainable development and hygiene standards in Europe​ (Lucart Professional)​.