Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls 2.25″ 150m – 12 Pack

Our mini jumbo toilet roll is 100% recycled and biodegradable. It is a type of toilet paper roll designed for use in wall mounted dispensers. Mini Jumbo’s offer more tissue per roll than conventional toilet rolls. Ideally suited for high traffic areas. Each roll should be housed in a wall mounted dispenser for added hygiene.

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A 150m mini jumbo toilet roll with a 2.25″ core (60mm) is a specific type of toilet paper roll designed for use in commercial or public washrooms.

  1. Size: The “mini jumbo” size indicates that it’s smaller in diameter compared to a standard jumbo roll. This size is often preferred for smaller washroom spaces or where frequent restocking is necessary.
  2. Length: The roll contains 150 meters (or approximately 492 feet) of toilet paper. This length makes it suitable for medium to high traffic washrooms, such as those found in offices, restaurants, or schools.
  3. Core Size: The core of the roll has a diameter of 2.25 inches. The core size is important because it determines compatibility with the toilet paper dispenser. Dispensers designed for mini jumbo rolls will accommodate this core size.
  4. Material: Like most toilet paper rolls, it is typically made from soft, recycled, absorbent paper designed for bathroom hygiene comfort.
  5. Dispensing: Mini jumbo toilet rolls are usually dispensed through specialised toilet paper Mini Jumbo dispensers that are designed to hold and dispense these larger-sized rolls. These dispensers often have mechanisms to prevent excessive use and control the amount of paper dispensed per use, reducing waste.
  6. Economic and Environmental Considerations: Our Mini jumbo rolls are Eco-friendly options made from recycled paper or sustainable sources. Often chosen for their balance of economy and environmental impact. While they contain more paper than standard-sized rolls, they are still more compact and efficient than full jumbo rolls.

Desna Product Halo Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser, Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls 2.25" 150m 12pkMini Jumbo Toilet Rolls 2.25" 150m 12pk

Overall, a 150m mini jumbo toilet roll with a 2.25″ core is a practical choice for commercial and public washrooms that require a balance between cost-effectiveness, space efficiency, and adequate supply.


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