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Posted on January 27, 2019.

Nicky are a very well-known brand of the Sofidel Group. They are known for the production of high-quality toilet rolls and kitchen rolls, which are particularly useful for businesses that have a variety of restrooms and dining areas to cater for their large number of employees. Nicky are known for delivering the very best standard possible when it comes to the manufacturing and material of the different rolls, as well as being wonderfully soft in a neat 3-ply format.

Indeed, Nicky toilet roll are top-drawer, and they are also available in a wide range of colours. White is the most popular colour, mainly because you can see the stains being absorbed much more on white paper, and it also represents a more business-like approach from the organisation in question. However, many companies look to add a bit of colour to their rolls by opting for blue, pink and even peach toilet rolls and kitchen rolls, which adds that little bit extra when people are using them.

At, we stock every version of Nicky toilet rolls and kitchen rolls that you could imagine, and we’ve picked out two of the main options in this article. We noted how white toilet paper is particularly popular, and so we’ll discuss the most basic package for Nikki loo rolls. The Nicky Elite Toilet Rolls, coming in 3-ply white, includes a pack of 40 rolls, which are efficient, effective and comfortable, and as the name implies, they are the elite form of Nicky loo rolls. This product can be bought for your office today for £11.50, or £13.80 after VAT.

Having spotlighted the Nicky toilet rolls, our other featured item concerns Nicky kitchen rolls that come with a difference. The Nicky Lemon Kitchen Rolls come in 2-ply white, and include a pack of 16 rolls. The most notable feature here, though, is the fact that the paper itself has a lemon-scented core, which brings about a lovely smell and a feeling of energy and freshness when using the rolls in the kitchen. Not only do they clean up, but you will generally feel cleaner, as will your surroundings. These are available right now for only £12.00, or £14.40 after VAT.

So, as you can see, we are a leading stockist of Nicky toilet rolls and kitchen rolls, but these are just two of the various options that we have. You can check them all out on our website by visiting

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