North Shore Ecosoft Toilet Rolls – Box 36

Bay West Ecosoft & North Shore Ecosoft toilet rolls are the same product. Each roll contains a plastic bung used to fit into all Bay West North Shore Toilet Roll Dispensers. Ecosoft toilet rolls are biodegradable and guaranteed to save money.

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North Shore (previously Bay West Ecosoft) Toilet Rolls are suitable for both our Orbit and Side-by-Side toilet roll dispensers. Paper wrapped for extra hygiene that can also be flushed.

North Shore is the new name for Bay West EcoSoft toilet rolls. They are a type of toilet tissue product known for their Eco-friendly and sustainable features. These toilet rolls are part of the Eco Soft line of products offered by Bay West, which is a brand known for its commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices in the hygiene and paper product industry. Here are some key features and information about Bay West Eco-Soft toilet rolls:

We also offer free trials for all North Shore systems. please call for details, 0151 342 2111

All you need to know about Bay West Toilet Rolls & Ecosoft

Yes, Bay West EcoSoft toilet rolls are typically made from environmentally responsible materials. They often use a high percentage of recycled fibers, contributing to the conservation of natural resources and reducing the environmental impact.
Yes, the production of EcoSoft toilet rolls is designed to minimise waste and energy consumption. Bay West emphasises sustainable manufacturing processes that aim to reduce the carbon footprint associated with their products.
Yes, while Eco-Soft toilet rolls prioritise sustainability, they are also designed to be soft and absorbent, providing comfort and functionality for users.
Yes, many Bay West EcoSoft products are certified by recognised environmental organisations or carry Eco-friendly labels, such as certifications from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the EcoLogo program.
Yes, these Bay West toilet rolls are often available in bulk buying options, which can be more convenient for commercial and industrial settings where large quantities of toilet tissue are needed. If you want one case or 10 cases please get in touch, 0151 342 2111.
No, Bay West EcoSoft toilet rolls are designed to be compatible with specific Bay West toilet tissue dispensers. These dispensers are designed for controlled and efficient dispensing, helping to reduce waste. Dispenser to suit are Orbit 4 Roll or Side by Side 2 roll dispensers.
Yes, Bay West’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond product materials. They may also implement responsible sourcing practices and environmentally friendly production methods to reduce their overall environmental impact.
Why not! Bay West EcoSoft toilet rolls are commonly used in commercial and public restroom facilities, including restaurants, offices, schools, healthcare institutions, and other high-traffic locations. If you want to save money at home, why not give it a try.
  1. On our Baywest UK website you can find all relevant information and specs.


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