The Problems With An Overstocked Office

Posted on November 15, 2018.

An office that is lacking in supplies can be a frustrating place to work. Whether it is toilet paper, stationary or kitchen supplies, workplaces that are short of basic equipment can facilitate a dramatic decline in employee happiness, productivity and retention. However, there are problems on the opposite end of the spectrum too. Businesses that are over-stocked with office supplies can encounter their own set of problems.

One of the main problems companies might face is of a financial nature. A portion of a business’s profit will inevitably be spent to keep the office environment a productive, happy and friendly place. The best business owners will, for instance, reserve some of their money for team-building days, cleaning and ensuring the workplace is equipped with good equipment. Expenditures of this nature are to be expected of every company. Sometimes, however, these expenditures can be excessive and cut into your profits unnecessarily.

An overstocked office—one that has too much paper, paper hand towels, too many pens, an abundance of boxes or more toilet paper that anyone needs—is one of the primary causes of this. It is good to have a well-stocked supply cupboard when you are managing a business; you never want to take the risk of running out of supplies as this can disrupt work and annoy employees. Nor, however, should you become a hoarder. There are many businesses that will renew their supplies every month, for example, without taking a stock check to see if this is actually needed. Others might buy supplies in bulk that are only being used once or twice per month.

To avoid an over-stocked office that has too much toilet paper, centrefeed rolls, stationary or kitchen rolls & cleaning supplies, businesses need to be more aware of how much they are using compared to how much they are buying. Keeping a simple stock inventory is a great way to combat this and, in turn, conserve money. At the start of every month, make a note of how many items you have. At the end, do the exact same thing. Over time you will be able to understand how much of each supply is being used on average. This will allow you to stock your office more effectively. If your team are only using one pack of A4 paper, for example, there is no need to order five every month.

An overstocked office is an expensive office. Your company could be losing a great deal of money by renewing supplies that are not being used or over-ordering items that rarely get utilised. A few simple steps can help reduce this to ensure your employees are satisfied, and your workplace runs efficiently, but at a much lower cost than it has been doing.

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