So what is Blue Roll?

Centrefeed Blue Roll is in out top 5 selling paper products. but a common question i get asked a lot is what is Blue Roll? It's simply a tissue paper wiping roll for mopping away and absorbing common light spillages from worktops, skirting boards, even PVC window frames, although we always recommend using white & not blue rolls for this as Blue dye can sometimes run when using certain chemicals. We offer Blue rolls in  a few options but all using the same grade of 18gsm tissue. Flat Sheet or Embossed which hss a dimpled look and feel to it.

Cheap Blue Roll

As Centrefeed Blue Roll is such a popular product in the UK a small selection of manufacturers have tried to tweak the industry norm but cutting corners, either by reducing roll lengths, using reduced grammage tissue, short measuring rolls in general & even using highly recycled grade tissue that is sold cheap as its not very absorbent. At loorolls we have a solid network of suppliers that offer us consistency so we're confident that we sell Blue Rolls that will make you want to come back to us.

Wholesale Centrefeed Blue Rolls offer some of the cheapest prices for Centrefeed Blue Rolls online & offline. Our Blue Roll Pallet Deals offer great value for money. If storage is an issue for our full pallet deals of Centre Feed rolls then contact us for mixed pallet options. Container prices are also on offer so call now on 0151 342 2111. Further discounts available for centre pull rolls depending on quantities. Call for details.