Leading UK Suppliers of Toilet Rolls & Kitchen Rolls

At Loorolls.com we know that disposable paper products and supplies are essential to your business on a day-to-day basis. We stock paper products such as cheap toilet rolls, paper towels, dispenser rolls, facial tissues and hygiene rolls for both commercial and household use. If you are looking to buy discount toilet rolls and facial tissues for home use you’ll be able to find excellent discounts that will save you plenty over the months. For businesses, you can order in any quantity to suit your needs and demand.

We also Provide Jumbo Toilet Rolls that are Ideal for Commercial Use

We have a wide range of paper goods for restaurants, cafes and bars, including paper towels for cleaning, and napkins for table settings. For Tattoo studios, piercing studios and more, we have hygiene rolls at an excellent low price.

Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispensers & Wiping Rolls

For any businesses that operate toilets we have a selection of suitable paper goods, including jumbo dispenser toilet rolls, Bay West dispenser systems and Lotus Professional products. We also sell a great selection of wiping rolls for general cleaning purposes, and if you’d like something more multifunctional and suitable for the home we have a wide selection of branded kitchen rolls.

We have now introduced a new high quality range of Papernet Sales Paper Products from Sofidel. You can see our full range at www.papernet-sales.co.uk. This range includes Superior 320 sheet toilet rolls, V Fold paper hand towels, Centre feed hand towels and a whole host of new innovative products including 'Dissolve' Hand Towels that dissolve in water, perfect for planes and care homes where blockages can occur quite often. Also Biotech BATP Bio Active Toilet Paper, the first of its kind to be introduced into the UK - a tissue product that not only breaks up in water as normal but has a microbiological agent in the tissue that eats away at the grime in pipework. Take a look at our website to find out more info!

Toilet Rolls & Kitchen Rolls Bundles

Due to popular demand we have recently added a range of Kitchen Roll & Toilet Roll Bundles. These include our Nicky Toilet Tissue & Nicky Kitchen Roll range. Buy 2 of each in a ready made parcel. If you dont want to stock up on too many toilet rolls then you can easily find a bundle to suit you. We have 2 or 3ply options so if your looking for that extra special toilet roll then we have what your looking for.