Revolution™ Toilet Tissue Dispenser – Best Seller | The cost-effective solution to high traffic washrooms, the dispenser holds three toilet rolls and features a mechanism which ensures complete use of the tissue, down to the core, before the next roll can be accessed. This feature ensures constant availability of paper, minimizes the risk of run out and reduces unnecessary wastage leading to an untidy washroom. It also keeps the product locked, secured and protected. This is by far our BEST SELLING Toilet roll holder.

Our best selling toilet roll dispenser for schools and universities as reduces maintenance time with 3x 625 sheet rolls per dispenser. Dont forget to keep the outer wrapper on each roll for hygiene purposes. Each outer wrapper breaks down in water and therefore can be flushed down the toilet.

Click to view our Revolution 3 Roll Toilet Roll Tutorial

NB. Only Bay West Product will fit in our Bay West Dispensers. Please contact us for details.