Disposable Dinner Napkins

Our 40cm 2ply Dinner Napkins are perfect for your dining room table. This is by far our most popular napkin for the catering industry.

Wedding Day Napkins

Ever popular for your special wedding day. Boxed in 2000's our 40cm Napkins offer plenty to go round. 1 Box can be used throughout the special day to blend in with your colour coded theme. Available in a huge variety of colours, our 2ply White & Buttermilk being our most popular!

8 Fold or 4 Fold Napkins

We offer our 40cm Dinner Napkins in 2 different formats, 4 fold which simply means the open napkin has 4 folds and square in shape. Our 8 Fold Napkin is exactly the same apart from 1 extra fold so rectangle in shape. This 8 fold option does save time for most restaurants as it can be easily placed on a table for cutlery to rest on. Believe it or not there are still users out there who still fold a 4 fold manually into a rectangle.