Disposable C Fold Paper Hand Towels

By far Loorolls best selling paper disposable hand towel; C Fold Paper Hand Towels are a unopened towel that rest on top of one another once housed in its dispenser of choice. The downside to this system is that the user uses too many towels per hand dry. The best way to look at this is to take a look in the bin below your C Fold hand towel dispenser; there you will find many unopened towels. This means that your user will be wasting too many towels. Surveys into hand drying say that 2-3 towels should be sufficient for an adequate hand dry. Unfortunately our industry is only starting to realise this and is gradually moving towards inter folded paper hand towel systems. These dispensers offer ready open towels as when dispensed the towel is square and ready to use. We offer a wide range of interfold towels but our most popular alternative to C Fold dispenser is Microfold Z Fold hand towels from Bay West We offer this range with FREE ON LOAN DISPENSERS