What is Centrefeed Roll - Blue & White?

Centrefeed Roll, with a removable core is Loorolls most popular product. 2ply Blue Centrefeed was once said to be worth an estimated £200 million pounds in the UK catering industry, WOW! Loorolls offer some of the most competitive prices in the UK for our best selling centrefeed 2ply 150 meter product. As Wholesalers and suppliers, we offer case, parcel, pallet and container deals on this product. We source only the best tissue and manufacture under contract to maintain consistency as we are aware of 'cheap centrefeed' in the market place with no specified length or gsm. We offer 'Full Spec' rolls at 150m or 400 sheet options with micro glue embossing and also 125m options in our ever increasing range of centre feed products. Available in white or blue our centrefeed should be used as a wiping roll but is quite often used as a hand towel; Loorolls range of paper hand towels is recommended for the drying of hands as they are much more absorbent. We offer plastic centrefeed dispensers or a range in stainless steel to suit all our wiping rolls.