Preparing Your Hotel For A Medical Emergency

Posted on January 13, 2019.

Looking after your guests as a hotel manager is not always simply a matter of tending to their everyday needs. Occasionally, the matter can be a lot more serious than that. Almost every established hotel will be able to tell you a story about a time in which they have had to deal with a medical emergency. This can range from minor wounds that hotel staff has had to help a guest with, to serious health problems that require professional medical assistance.

The most important thing for a hotel in this situation is to be prepared. Ensuring you have all the main necessary medical supplies will allow you to take care of the problem quickly and efficiently. Otherwise, you don’t just run the risk of having an unsatisfied customer; you could even be responsible for leaving them in pain.

Of course, it would be impractical, even impossible, for a hotel to carry medical supplies for every possible ailment. However, there are very basic ubiquitous supplies of which a hotel manager should keep a well-stocked supply.

Guaranteeing that you have plentiful first aid kits is the very least a hotel should be doing. However, hotels should also be going that step further. Keeping a stock room full of things like bandages, plasters, scissors, wound dressings, alcohol free wipes, ice packs, etc. will keep you covered for most commonplace medical emergencies.

Furthermore, many establishments tend to forget some of the more obvious supplies that can help in a medical emergency. Items such as kitchen rolls, for instance, are not only useful around the bar or in the restaurant; they can also help to clean up fluids that might result from injuries or sicknesses.

It is inevitable that someone in your hotel will at some point encounter a medical problem. As hotel operators, you cannot always be expected to offer the kind of medical assistance that a professional might. However, tending to a guest’s needs as much as possible should the mission for everyone in this sector, and this is an important way towards accomplishing that.

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