The Big Spring Clean

Posted on May 14, 2019.
The Big Spring Clean-Loorolls

It’s mid-spring and the washing can now be hung on the line! Now is the time to make the most of the good drying weather and really deep clean your properties….the big spring clean, whether that be home or office. This article follows on our previous Spring cleaning tips we published a few weeks ago.


Why do we use the term ‘Spring Cleaning’?

Spring cleaning originated historically because properties used to have open coal fires, which during winter would cover the interiors in soot. Buildings wouldn’t be as ventilated, to keep in the warm and windows kept closed.

Spring cleaning would come after winter, once the warmer weather arrived and houses could be aired, soot cleaned from hard and soft furnishings and generally properties given a thorough deep scrub.

These days, with open fires on the wane, and central heating the norm, the need for a spring clean once a year isn’t so great, nor does it have the same connotations as it once did. Modern lifestyles and technology mean we don’t tend to have time or need to follow a cleaning schedule, and we slot in cleaning as and when we can.

However, the arrival of warm dry weather still gives us the chance to throw those windows open, wash items like curtains, cushion covers and other upholstery and rugs, and be able to dry them outdoors.

There’s something of a psychological element to a spring clean, too. The onset of warmth and sunny days tends to make us feel brighter and more active, so it makes sense to get productive in freshening up our properties for the summer months and beyond.



What Constitutes a Spring Clean?

This is a pretty subjective question; what you choose to deep clean will depend upon your property, timescale, priorities, furnishings etc. A bit of research and you’ll find the internet is heaving with tips and hacks for a spring clean – and it’s all different.


Here’s just a few ideas of areas of the home or office that could really benefit from a deep clean once in a while:


    1. Windows – Interior and exteriors – best done on a cloudy day to avoid streaks, use a glass cleaner and microfibre cloth. Blinds and shades can be rinsed, then dusted/hoovered.
    2. Wood/tiled floors – mopping wood floors too often could damage them. Every month to two, they can be cleaned with a wood floor cleaner spray, and spot cleaned in between times. For tiled bathrooms or kitchens, use a cleaner that is pH neutral, or find a homemade recipe mix online.
    3. The fridge– really take the interior of the fridge apart, remove shelves, trays and drawers and clean in hot soapy water to remove bacteria and debris. Wipe down all the interior and exterior surfaces before replacing shelving.
    4. Carpets – Carpets and rugs don’t have to be cleaned yearly if they are not heavy traffic areas. The best advice is to clean up one-off stains promptly with an appropriate cleaner, and a clean white cloth. Avoid scrubbing – only blot stains, and don’t use too much water. Keep welcome mats at the front of the property, to scrub off dirt, and hoover regularly. Occasionally, a professional carpet cleaning service or hiring a professional carpet cleaning tool, will be a worthwhile job to care for your carpets using these carpet products.
    5. Outdoors – after winter, check your roof and guttering, wipe down outdoor furniture with warm water and detergent, and consider pressure washing driveways, walls and other outdoor hardware, to give a good impression of a well maintained property.

There are many more spring cleaning ideas out there, and these are just a few. So get out your tools today and make your home look brand new!

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