What is a Centrefeed and Blue Rolls?

Posted on August 22, 2018.
Centrefeed Rolls 1ply 300m - Blue Rolls - 6 Pack

When shopping around for loo rolls, you may have come across the term “centrefeed”. Chances are that it hasn’t previously left an impression, but in reality it can make quite a difference when it comes to your loo rolls and how you use them, as we will explain.

Centrefeed means that the roll of paper will come from a dispenser or a central point of the roll itself (hence the “centre” aspect of it). It’s usually available in 1, 2, or 3 ply Blue roll i.e. the number of sheets per layer to accommodate different cleaning needs. The idea is that, instead of breaking off pieces from the roll, or instead of dragging or ripping a chunk of the roll away, the centrefeed allows you to gently remove one piece of paper which will be sufficient for you to clean and dry your hands. Of course, the messier that your hands are, the more paper you may require, but centrefeed will provide a simpler, easier and softer way to extract paper from a roll.

Centrefeed has other benefits. It saves time and money on the rolls you are buying, since theoretically it will reduce the frequency and usage of the existing roll. When used in a dispenser, they can also be installed just about anywhere, as they are more aesthetically pleasing and, again, are easy to extract. Reduced usage of the rolls also becomes more economical and more environmentally-friendly, since over time you could be using a lot less paper. Centrefeed can be really handy in commercial environments like offices, restaurants, care homes, bed & breakfast and also residential setups with kids and pets like cats and dogs as it uses can be vast. They can also be easily fitted to walls, allowing them to be used anywhere from private bathrooms to larger public office toilets. Finally, they are also more hygienic, they save space, they are low maintenance, and they are placed in such a manner that it’s easy to quickly clean your hands, allowing you to maintain a greater level of personal hygiene yourself, which is especially important if you happen to work in the likes of a chef’s kitchen.

Why are they called Blue Rolls?

Centrefeed works best for blue rolls, which raises the question: why are they called blue rolls or blue centrefeed rolls? Yes, we know, they are blue, but there is more to it than that. Blue rolls are much more identifiable, having a unique colour scheme different to the normal white or green. Blue rolls can also have a dual purpose, as when used as centrefeed in dispensers, the same rolls of paper can also masquerade as kitchen towels, since they serve the same purpose of cleaning your hands from a somewhat hidden location in the form of a dispenser. Blue rolls are also thicker and absorb more water and dirt. Lastly, blue rolls provide less damage to the environment when disposed of, and any stains or muck on your hands (even after washing them) will show up less on blue rolls, again a positive when it comes to their disposal.

Hopefully, we have enlightened you today on the definition and importance of both centrefeed and blue rolls, especially when linked together. You can find out more about these products on our centrefeed wiping rolls page.

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