Why buying bulk saves your business money?

Posted on June 29, 2019.

When we say buying in bulk could save you money, we really do mean it! As a business you know that every penny counts and this starts buy the choices you make. Picking suppliers is an important part of your business – not only are you picking the right products, but also the right partner for your business journey too.

Tips to help you choose the right supplier for your business

Who would you consider the right supplier? The right supplier for your business is one that provides the most suitable products at the right cost, and within the time-frames that suit your requirements.
A few of the important elements to consider include:

#1. Lead time

Many businesses work with these factor in mind to ensure they continue delivering the best services to their customers. As a wholesale business supplying companies in the hospitality industry we always ensure your cycle stock and safety stock are catered for. Cycle stock provides the buffer between replenishment deliveries and is fairly straightforward. Safety stock protects against variability in both demand and lead times and with Brexit at the heart of every business, the supply chain is feeling the pressure of ensuring safety stock is optimal to avoid frictions in the business world. At Loorolls we can assure you that we are well prepared to deliver any quantity any time.

#2. Find the Right Fit supplier

This can range from having a convenient location close to you, having a good supply of the product you need on hand and making it easy to do business with them. In the past we have supported startups as we know most of them will often get a raw deal since most large supplier would not give credit to new businesses. Most suppliers are happy to show testimonials and success stories, but that doesn’t necessarily paint the full picture. It’s always wise to pick the phone up and interact with a suppliers client to get a sense of what its like working with them. Most clients will give you an honest opinion.

#3. Trade account terms

What are the terms, how long do you have to pay and how much credit can you get with them? Are they willing to match competitor’s prices. If yes, then you might be on a winner as cost determine your margins which will dictate your business viability.

#4. Quality Products

Every business wants the best quality products and as a small and medium business you can only get this from a wholesaler. That sounds easy! Well its not. As a rule, wholesalers are the source from which large manufacturers require you to obtain your products and as a result of this you will need a wholesaler who understands your business needs. For example as an office you would need to order janitorial and cleaning products in bulk to save more, however, what you might consider bulk is small to purchase from directly from the manufacturers. On the other hand, wholesalers turn very large numbers of products into smaller, more easily distributable numbers of products.


So why wait? Make the switch to the right supplier today: With Loorolls.com you are in safe hand.  You can open a trade account online to enjoy bulk discounts or call us on 0151 342 2111 for bigger discount on your first order.

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