In the catering industry, it’s more than essential to have a good stock of the right supplies – being low on something might mean failing to meet a food order or lowering your hygiene standards. If you source your professional kitchen supplies from then we’re confident you’ll find some of the best prices and best quality supplies available.

For cleaning your kitchen we have bin bags and bin liners made from excellent quality materials that are unlikely to break under the strain of heavy use. We also stock products that are used most regularly in the kitchen such as tea and coffee, foil, Clingfilm and gloves and aprons.

If you’re in the bar industry we also sell supplies such as plastic cups, cocktail stirrers, day dots and straws. Those in the hotel and food industry services such as chafing fuel, chafing dishes and long flame lighters.

You might be surprised to know we also sell larger kitchen appliances such as standpipes and pre-rinse jets and sprays which are ideal for cleaning dishes in high traffic restaurants and bars. We also stock drinking fountains, which are perfect for offices, colleges, schools and bars.