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Why You Need an All Purpose Cloth in Your Cleaning Arsenal

The All Purpose Hero: Optima Guardian Antibacterial Colour Coded Boxed All Purpose Cloths On A [...]

The Benefits of Colour Coded Trigger Spray Bottles

The Benefits of Colour Coded Trigger Spray Bottles, Enhance Organization and Safety. Colour Coded Systems. [...]

Discover the Top Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin?

Bamboo toilet paper i hear you say? A quick search online might lead you to [...]

Office Hygiene 101: Tips for a Clean and Healthy Workspace

Office Hygiene is so important that in the hustle and bustle of office life, maintaining [...]

Unrolling the Answers: 10 Common Customer Questions About Toilet Paper

When it comes to essential household items, few things are as ubiquitous and necessary as [...]

Toilet Paper Etiquette, The Unspoken Hero of the Office

What do you know about Toilet Paper Etiquette? In the fast-paced world of office life, [...]

Everything you need to know about 3ply toilet rolls

Everything you need to know about 3ply toilet rolls, like other types of toilet paper, [...]

The best way to remove limescale from a toilet

The best way to remove limescale from a toilet. Descaling a toilet involves removing mineral [...]

What is the difference between 3ply & 2ply Toilet Roll & which one should I buy?

The primary difference between 3ply & 2ply Toilet Roll lies in the number of layers [...]

10 Tips and Ideas when Mopping a Floor

Tips and Ideas when Mopping a Floor. Mopping a floor may seem like a straightforward [...]

12 Common Uses for Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Common uses for Nitrile Disposable Gloves. Nitrile Gloves have a wide range of uses across [...]

15 Common Cleaning Mistakes to avoid

Cleaning mistakes can lead to ineffective cleaning, wasted time, and potential damage to surfaces or [...]

Green Tick Environmentally Preferred Cleaning Products.

The “green tick” symbol or label on cleaning products typically indicates that the product has [...]

10 reasons why households and students should bulk buy their toilet rolls

Bulk buying toilet rolls can be a practical and cost-effective choice for households and students [...]

Why you should bulk buy your toilet rolls and cleaning products

Bulk buying toilet rolls and cleaning products can be advantageous for several reasons why you [...]

Picking the right PPE for your Business needs

Picking the right PPE for your workplace can be a difficult task if you are [...]

How To Care & Maintain Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture Guide: Maintaining garden seats and tables All garden furniture will benefit from some [...]

How To Clean & Maintain Washing Machines and How Often

Your washing machine works hard and therefore, cleaning your washing machine regularly will ensure that [...]

Preparing your holiday cottages for guests after Lockdown

Preparing your holiday cottages for guests after Lockdown. So following the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic that [...]

Is Hand Sanitiser Effective? What options are available & where to buy them

Is Hand Sanitiser Effective? In the past few months, trying to pick up hand sanitiser [...]

How to improve work health & safety culture after COVID-19

A safe workplace begins when employees follow their health & safety obligations and carry out [...]

Everything you need to know about the Importance of Workwear

The Importance of Workwear, why do employers always stress about it? UK Employers recognise the [...]

How to Boost Your Immune System

We all want to be healthy, so we try to eat better every day especially [...]

Handwashing – the most important thing you can do to prevent the spread of viruses

Recent months have seen the alarming emergence of a new virus affecting people around the [...]

Do You Need Couch Roll?

Couch rolls as they are traditionally known, are now often termed ‘hygiene rolls’. They are [...]

The Benefit of Paper Hand Towels for Drying Your Hands

Hand hygiene in the workplace is of major importance, not only in the obvious places [...]

Tackling Germ Hotspots in the Office & Workplace

We’re in the depths of winter, and flu season is in full swing. Although the [...]

Best Ways To Remove Unpleasant Lingering Odours

Removing Unpleasant Lingering Odours Remove Unpleasant Lingering Odours. Just like in the home, the workplace [...]

Keeping Drains in Tip-Top Condition

Tips for Unblocking Drains Got a blocked drain? Drains can become blocked in commercial kitchen [...]

Cleaning with Microfibre Towels

What are microfibre cloths? Microfibre cloths are defined as fibres 1 denier or less, or [...]

The Office Christmas Party on a Shoestring

It’s that time of year again! As December approaches, many teams of work colleagues will [...]

Providing refreshments in the workplace – is it a must?

Refreshments for staff in the workplace Refreshments in the workplace as an employer, Do i [...]

Keeping Office carpets in Tip Top Condition: Carpet Cleaning Secrets

Carpet Cleaning Secrets As we move into winter and the onset of wetter, colder weather, [...]

The Importance of hand hygiene at work

Hand Hygiene We recently blogged about the changing seasons, the upcoming winter months and tips [...]

Winter in the Workplace

Winter safety in the workplace Summer is drawing to a close. The schools have reopened [...]

How to Choose the Best Toilet Roll

Loo paper is anything but a ‘bog standard’ product! There are so many toilet roll [...]

Paper Hand Towels – What is there to Know?

Well, if you’re a business looking to install a paper hand towel dispenser in your [...]

Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

Every now and again, whether it be at home or at the office, the kitchen [...]

Why buying bulk saves your business money?

When we say buying in bulk could save you money, we really do mean it! [...]

Summer Party at the Office?

Now we know that most of us have an office Christmas party. But how many [...]

Straws: Why Should We Switch to Paper Straws?

Paper Straws Paper straws are fast replacing plastic ones in bars and restaurants up and [...]

The Big Spring Clean

It’s mid-spring and the washing can now be hung on the line! Now is the [...]

Spring Cleaning Tips 2019 from Loorolls

Spring cleaning / Deep cleaning my house doesn’t even cross my mind ever until the [...]

Why Households Should Be Buying Loo Rolls In Bulk

Loo Rolls in Bulk Have you ever considered buying Toilet rolls / Loo rolls in [...]

Guide to the Best Paper Hand Towels and Paper Towel Holders

Paper Towel Holders? Paper hand towels are one of the most valuable commodities of modern [...]

Best Cleaning Products To Keep Your Restaurant Clean And Tidy

If you are tasked with managing a tea shop or restaurant, it is only natural [...]

Paper Hand Towel Dispensers

Paper hand towels are a necessity in any office environment, and for restrooms and kitchens, [...]

Nicky Toilet Roll & Kitchen Roll Stockist

Nicky are a very well-known brand of the Sofidel Group. They are known for the [...]

Preparing Your Hotel For A Medical Emergency

Looking after your guests as a hotel manager is not always simply a matter of [...]

How To Get Cleaning Essentials Your School Needs

Cleaning Essentials Your School Needs Public sector cuts are hitting the educational system hard. It [...]

3 Tips To Glamorise Your Bar On A Budget this Winter

As the mid winter approaches, so does the allure of a refreshing beverage. It is [...]

How To Cater For Allergies In The Workplace

A hygienic and healthy workplace is imperative for numerous reasons. First of all, it is [...]

The Problems With An Overstocked Office

An office that is lacking in supplies can be a frustrating place to work. Whether [...]

Bulk Toilet Rolls Supplier

Bulk Toilet Rolls Supplier Here at, we always pride ourselves on being one of [...]

Is Your Office In Compliance With Wash Facility Laws?

It is not merely a recommendation that workplaces have hygienic washing facilities. It is the [...]

Paper Hand Towels vs. Cloths

Businesses will always require the likes of restrooms and kitchens, and as a result, they [...]

The Everyday Supplies That Prevent Workplace Accidents

Employees who are hurt in the workplace can often claim for damages of up to [...]

What is a Centrefeed and Blue Rolls?

When shopping around for loo rolls, you may have come across the term “centrefeed”. Chances [...]

How office assistants can effectively manage supplies

One of the most surprisingly costly expenses that a business will suffer is paying for [...]

How Janitorial Office Supplies Can Improve Productivity and Wellbeing

Germs can quickly spread throughout a work place. With lots of people congregated in the [...]