Conventional Toilet Rolls

Conventional toilet rolls, often simply referred to as “toilet paper” or “bathroom tissue,” are a staple product used for personal hygiene and sanitation in washrooms and bathrooms around the world. Here’s some information about conventional toilet rolls:

All you need to know about Conventional Toilet Tissue

Conventional toilet rolls are typically made from pure pulp or recycled paper, specifically designed for softness, strength, and absorbency. The paper used is usually a blend of wood pulp from various tree species.

Toilet paper is available in different ply counts, with the most common options being 2-ply and 3-ply. 2-ply toilet paper is thinner and more cost-effective, while triple-ply offers additional thickness and softness. 4 & 5-ply are also availabe in the UK. A great example is our best selling Desna Rose 3ply toilet roll.

Toilet paper rolls come in various sizes, ranging from standard-sized rolls to jumbo or mega rolls. Larger rolls contain more sheets and require less frequent replacement. Most UK toilet rolls are 20cm wide and approximately 15 – 20 meters long.

Yes, toilet paper rolls are perforated at regular intervals to make it easy for users to tear off individual sheets. The perforations help control usage and minimise waste.

Not always. Most leading manufacturers often use various techniques to create a soft and comfortable texture for toilet paper. This is achieved through processes such as embossing, which adds patterns and texture to the paper. You may find imported product as not as nice but if you stick with Desna Products, you will be fine.

Some toilet paper is scented with fragrances like lavender or aloe vera to provide a pleasant and fresh scent. Unscented options are also widely available for those with sensitivities or preferences. Most users prefer unscented.

Toilet paper is typically white, but colored options are available for those who prefer a specific look or want to match their bathroom decor. Sustainable options are brown or beige as they do have not been bleached.

All conventional toilet paper is designed to be flushable and biodegradable, meaning it can be safely disposed of in a toilet without causing plumbing issues. However, thicker 5-ply or non-standard products may not break down as easily and should be used with caution.

There are eco-friendly toilet paper options made from recycled materials or sourced from sustainably managed forests. These products aim to reduce the environmental impact associated with toilet paper production.

Yes, conventional toilet rolls are used in both residential and commercial settings. In commercial environments, larger and more durable rolls may be used to accommodate higher usage. Bulk Buying offers huge savings when toilet rolls are purchased in pallet quantities.

In commercial washrooms, toilet paper is often dispensed through specialised toilet tissue dispensers. These dispensers are designed to control usage and reduce waste. Most conventional toilet roll dispensers are not designed for cost in use savings.

Toilet paper is typically packaged in recyclable plastic or cardboard boxes, and multiple rolls may be sold together in bulk packaging.

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Conventional toilet rolls are a fundamental product for personal hygiene and sanitation, and they are a common household and restroom essential. The choice of toilet paper may depend on factors such as personal preference, budget, environmental considerations, and specific needs or sensitivities.

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