Napkins or Serviettes

Paper Napkins and Serviettes for Weddings, Events and Restaurants

Napkins and serviettes are essential in the food service industry, so if you run a restaurant, hotel, B&B, cafe or bar, you're going to need a great supply of paper napkins to accomodate guests and customers. Serviettes are essential for dressing tables, but they also make a cheap and disposable alternative to drinks coasters. Keep a supply of Cocktail Bev Napkins on your bar for customers to help themselves to - at these cheap prices, you can buy napkins in bulk and still save plenty to spare. Why not stock up for the holiday seasons? Napkins can also be bought in bulk for weddings, parties and events, so you can save money but still supply your guests with plenty of serviettes for eating and drinking. We stock napkins and serviettes in a huge range of colours and sizes, including black napkins, white napkins and even ivory napkins for weddings. Depending on your preference we also stock 2-ply and 3ply napkins, and paper table cloths perfect for cafes & restaurants.