Janitorial Cleaning Supplies & Hygiene Products

Whether you own an office, a hotel, a restaurant or a café, you’re going to need a reliable place to source your commercial cleaning products. At Loo Rolls we have a wide selection of products to choose from including Evans Vanodine cleaning products, which is a brand reputed for it’s quality and it’s ability to make even the most daunting cleaning job simple. We have bathroom cleaning products like washroom hygiene sprays, disinfectants and bleach, and even hand soaps for your customers. For the kitchen we stock convenient cleaning wipes, food processing cleaners and hard surface cleaners for your counters. It’s all you need for keeping your business’ cleanliness up to standards. We even stock bar, cellar and glasswash for bar or pub landlords and cleaners. Our cleaning range includes household cleaning products, so they’re also great for your home business or if you simply like to ensure your home is as clean and hygienic as it can be. Great if you have kids! Browse our range of floor and carpet care, super concentrates, housekeeping and laundry products, all designed to bring your home up to a sparkling shine. is your one stop for wholesale cleaning supplies Need some advice on commercial cleaning products? Just get in touch, we’re happy to advise for what you need! click to view our Evans Environment Policy

Evans Vanodine Cleaning Chemicals & are proud to be one of Evans Vanodine's largest distributors in the UK. We offer Evans Vanodine's complete janitorial, cleaning & hygiene range of product at supported wholesale prices to sub-distributors giving the middle man the choice to supply the fasteast growing Cleaning Chemical range in the world. With 100% support from Evans representitives we can offer on the spot advice for any tricky issues you may have in your cleaning duties. COSHH regulations & safety are all part of the day to day supports with up to date COSHH & information sheets on each and every product. Chemical Training DVD's are also available on request that demonstrate how to use our Evans range & what product are recommended for certain areas.

Desna Products Cleaning Chemicals's own brand of cleaning chemicals is a great economy addition to our Evans range offering price point products for the cleaning industry. Have you ever thought of having your own logo or label on your 5ltr chemical range? With our pallet deals you can brand your Thick bleach, disinfectant or any 5ltr products with your details. Our great value Desna Professional chemical range offers great savings on our increasing range of products. We can also mix pallets for you with minimum orders required for own label, just ask and we’ll see what we can do!!

Guide to Colour Coding

What colour should i use in my Kitchen or Bathroom?? This is a popular question we get asked but who is correct? From experience of the sites we have visited over the years there is no right or wrong way according to our users, but simply 'thats the way we do it and it works'. Fair play, if it works and you dont cross contaminate then keep it going. For a general guide and assistance we have our own Guide to Colour Coding from Ramon Hygiene. Let us know your thoughs or comments.

Cleaning & Hygiene Chemical Supplies

We offer online sales & support for Evans & Desna Chemicals so if your not sure what product would suit you best them please get in touch & we'll be happy to advise. 0151 342 2111