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To Suit C Fold, V Fold & Z Fold Paper Hand Towels

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A paper hand towel dispenser is a device designed to dispense paper towels for drying hands in washrooms, kitchens, and other public or private spaces. The specific mechanism can vary depending on the type of dispenser, but here’s a general overview of how our paper hand towel dispenser works:

  1. Loading the Dispenser:
    • The dispenser is usually designed to hold a specific type of paper towels, which can be folded or rolled. Users need to load the dispenser with the appropriate paper towels according to the Desna Products manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Dispensing Mechanism:
    • The dispensing mechanism varies based on the design of the dispenser. Common types include:
      • Roll Dispensers: For roll towels, the dispenser may have a mechanism that allows users to pull down on the paper towel, and the dispenser will automatically release and cut the towel at a predetermined length.
      • Folded Towel Dispensers: For folded towels, the dispenser may have a system that dispenses one towel at a time when a user pulls down on the exposed towel.
  3. Sensor-Based Dispensers:
    • Some modern paper towel dispensers use sensor technology. When a user places their hands under the dispenser, an infrared sensor detects the motion and activates the dispensing mechanism to release a predetermined length of paper towel. This touch-less operation helps maintain hygiene by minimizing contact with the dispenser.
  4. Manual Dispensers:
    • Manual dispensers may require the user to pull a lever, turn a knob, or press a button to release the paper towel.
  5. Tearing Mechanism:
    • In roll towel dispensers, there is often a tearing or cutting mechanism that separates the paper towel from the roll at the desired length. This ensures a clean and easy tear for the user.
  6. Refilling:
    • When the paper towel roll or stack is depleted, the dispenser needs to be refilled. This typically involves opening a compartment or releasing a latch to access the area where new towels can be inserted.
  7. Locking Mechanisms:
    • Many dispensers come with locking mechanisms to prevent tampering or theft of paper towels.
  8. Maintenance:
    • Regular maintenance may be required to keep the dispenser in good working condition. This can include cleaning the dispenser, replacing any worn-out parts, and ensuring that the cutting or tearing mechanisms function properly.

Paper hand towel dispensers are essential in maintaining hygiene in public facilities, and their design aims to provide a convenient and sanitary way for users to dry their hands.

  • Constructed  in ABS plastic in a contemporary “SILK TOUCH”  Satin White/Graphite finish.
  • Interchangeable metallic HALO viewing window.
  • Available in EIGHT different colours and tints
  • SPIRIT LEVEL Integrated on the back-plate to aid installation.
  • Holds –  720 sheets of MULTI-FOLD / C-FOLD TOWEL PAPER
  • Key operated access with easily distinguishable key.
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