Flash Kitchen Rolls 100 sheet 3ply – 12 Pack

Flash All-Purpose Extra Strong Kitchen Rolls. 3ply, 100 sheets per roll with 12 rolls per pack

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Flash All-Purpose Kitchen Rolls. 3ply, 100 sheets per roll with 12 rolls per pack

18 common uses for kitchen rolls for your home or workplace.

  1. Cleaning up spills: One of the most common uses for kitchen rolls is to quickly absorb and clean up spills on countertops, floors, or other surfaces.
  2. Drying hands: You can use a kitchen roll as a disposable hand towel for drying your hands after washing them.
  3. Cleaning surfaces: Kitchen rolls are great for wiping down and cleaning various kitchen surfaces, such as countertops, stove tops, and appliances.
  4. Lining shelves and drawers: You can use kitchen rolls to line shelves and drawers to protect them from spills and stains. This is particularly useful in the refrigerator or pantry.
  5. Wrapping food: You can use kitchen rolls to wrap and store food items, such as sandwiches or leftover pizza, to keep them fresh.
  6. Microwave cover: Place a kitchen roll over a plate or dish when microwaving to prevent splatters and keep your microwave clean.
  7. Absorbing excess grease: When cooking fried foods, you can use kitchen rolls to blot excess grease from the food to make it less oily.
  8. Cleaning and drying produce: Use a kitchen roll to clean and dry fruits and vegetables after washing them.
  9. Straining liquids: Fold a kitchen roll into a makeshift strainer to remove excess moisture from foods like tofu or yogurt.
  10. Cleaning kitchen tools: Use a kitchen roll to clean and wipe down kitchen utensils, like knives or cutting boards.
  11. Crafts and DIY projects: Kitchen rolls can be used by artists for various crafts and DIY projects due to their absorbent and disposable nature.
  12. Pet care: They can be used for cleaning up pet messes, wiping down pet feeding areas, or as makeshift disposable pet mats.
  13. In gardening: Gardeners sometimes use kitchen rolls to start seeds or propagate plants.
  14. Arts and crafts: Kitchen rolls can be used in art projects, such as painting, as a disposable palette or for cleaning brushes.
  15. Emergency substitute: In a pinch, kitchen rolls can be used as a substitute for napkins, tissues, or even toilet paper (though this is not recommended for regular use).
  16. Cleaning glass and mirrors: Kitchen rolls can be used with glass cleaner to clean windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces without leaving streaks.
  17. Removing candle wax: Place a kitchen roll over spilled candle wax and apply heat (with an iron or hairdryer) to absorb the wax from the surface.
  18. Protecting delicate items: Use kitchen rolls as cushioning material to protect fragile items when packing them for storage or moving.
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